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Equi Wash

Cavalor Equi Wash is the perfect shampoo to regularly give your horse a luscious shower. The pH-neutral formula is kind to skin but merciless to dirt. Equi Wash is enriched with provitamin B5 and glycerine. Equi Wash is enriched with provitamin B5 and glycerine.

Bianco Wash

With Cavalor Bianco Wash, white really can be white again. Even stubborn grass, manure or urine stains on white legs or other coat colours melt away like snow in the sun. Bianco Wash is our most concentrated shampoo and is, of course, pH-neutral too.

Derma Wash

Cavalor Derma Wash is a chlorhexidine-based hygienic shampoo, pH-neutral and enriched with glycerine. Use the shampoo to wash horses with scurfy skin, dull coats or skin disorders. It is also the ideal shampoo for washing horses that are new to the stable to avoid infections. You can also use the shampoo as a detergent for washing rugs and blankets.


We care about equine health every day. Inside and out. Alongside our feeds, we really want to make a difference to hydration with our shampoos. To make your horse positively glow.

Our shampoos are completely tailored to the skin of your horse. They are pH-neutral, making them highly moisturising and gentle on the skin. All our ingredients are picked and chosen with the greatest care. You’ll see the difference in their composition, effect and scent. Let’s be honest, a shampoo that smells good gives you just that little bit more.


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"My horse’s coat is clean, shiny and healthy. Highly recommended."

“I have a horse that loves to roll so I have to wash her frequently, but I was worried that too much washing would irritate her skin. I wasn’t satisfied with the shampoos I was using. Then I tried Cavalor Equi Wash. I am very pleased with it.

Eline Pirard about her experience with Cavalor Equi Wash.


“The difference compared to ordinary shampoo is huge."

“Our Igor does it all. He rolls in the sand, or preferably mud… and of course it has to be the day before a show. As a result, I have to wash him a lot. I use my favourite Cavalor Bianco Wash.

A pack lasts for ages, and the difference compared to ordinary shampoo is huge. His coat looks much whiter, cleaner. I then spray his mane and tail with Cavalor Star Shine, and Igor looks tip-top once more!”

Lieselot Kooremans about her pony Igor and Cavalor Bianco Wash.


"Ideal for any horse’s coat"

“Cavalor Derma Wash is ideal for any horse’s coat! Clipping often reveals hidden wounds.

That’s why I wash horses with Derma Wash after clipping, so that these little wounds are cleaned and disinfected. The coat is neat and clean again. Cavalor Derma Wash also improves the skin’s natural defence mechanisms. It keeps the skin radiant and healthy.”

MW Horse Clipping chooses Cavalor Derma Wash.

A powerful

The power of a good product, whether it is a food, a supplement or a care product, lies in the combination of ingredients. A variety of active ingredients in a product gives the best results. One single ingredient can never make the difference.

It is not just the quantity that is important, the quality of those ingredients is crucial too. Always choose a product with a variety of active ingredients and which is also pH-neutral (we can’t stress that enough!).

Cavalor nutrition

Because we

Grooming is important to your horse’s wellbeing and health, but the foundation is always a healthy diet. Without a suitable nutrition programme, your horse will never feel comfortable in its skin or have a shiny coat. True health comes from within.

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